About Us

We are a family owned business and have 2 locations in Minneapolis

LaMac Cleaners has two dry cleaning locations in Minneapolis.

LaMac Cleaners is a family owned business that has been operating in the dry cleaning business in Minneapolis for over 15 years.  Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority.  All of the dry cleaning is done on site and we offer same day service.  We pride ourselves in terms of quality, service, and convenience.  Stop in to see us at one of our two Minneapolis dry cleaning locations today!

Living in a society where most people spent most of their time at their places of work, they hardly get a chance to attend to their laundry by hand. Therefore going to the dry cleaners saves them a lot of time besides it being dependable and affordable as well. We are a professional dry cleaners who besides offering dry cleaning services, also offer laundry services. We pride ourselves with the best quality services to our customers.

Some of our benefits


When you have laundry that has a tendency to be damaged while using the usual methods of cleaning, then it is best to employ our services. We are dependable as we ensure the shine and gleam of your garments are maintained and they will look superior as well as maintaining a new look for a longer period of time. We also offer superior dry cleaning services since we involve specialized personnel who understand how to handle different types of fabrics and applying the latest cleaning technologies in different stain removal techniques.


For those clothes that have stains that could otherwise not be removed by the ordinary cleaning methods, dry cleaning comes in handy. LaMac Cleaners uses complex procedures as well as special chemicals to remove stubborn stains on your garment. The two major categories of stains that are employed are: solvent-soluble and water-soluble, the experts know which methods to use for a given type of stain. Therefore a stained cloth is left with its original look and texture without any damage to the fabric.

Good finishing

Finishing is yet another service provided, when garments are finished professionally, they give them a crisp, wrinkle free look as well as making your garment look new as there will be no rumples or creases out of place. This saves the customer the trouble of having to spend his weekend standing beside an ironing board and enduring the heat emitted from the iron box or the pressing machine.

Quality service

Since we are quality cleaners, we carry out a thorough inspection on your garment to ensure that the quality service is guaranteed and the expectations are met. We offer quality service at affordable prices.