Dry Cleaning FAQ

Dry Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

It is the intention of everyone to always be smartly dressed in clean and fashionable clothes. Therefore, it is necessary to find a proper cleaning technique that will enable you to not only remove dirt from but also preserve your apparel. Among the numerous methods of cleaning one can utilize, none comes close to dry cleaning in terms of effectiveness. However, many people have unanswered questions regarding the technique.

What is dry cleaning?

This should logically be the first thing that comes into your mind before allowing your laundry to be cleaned using the technique. It is simply a method of cleaning clothes using a chemical solvent. In the dry cleaning machine, a pump forces the solvent into the fabric where dirt is continually dissolved into it and extracted. The solid particles entrapped within the fabric mesh are also forced out into a separate section before being eliminated. The entire process is repeated several times until the clothes are left spotlessly clean. Typically, you should leave the dry cleaning up to the professionals.

How does it differ from wet cleaning?

The major difference between wet and dry cleaning is that in the former, the garments are immersed in water while in the latter, only the cleaning solvent is used. The water used in wet cleaning contains a vast array of chemicals and detergents which clean the clothes whereas in dry cleaning, the solvent washes them by just dissolving grease and other kinds of dirt found on them. Since it does not involve usage of water, dry cleaning is much faster as the time it takes for them to dry after the stain removal is much shorter. Unlike wet cleaning in which the chemicals may not always be effective, the solvents in a dry cleaning system thoroughly get rid of all dirt.

Why should I have my clothes dry cleaned?

If you are wondering why you should let your clothes professionally dry cleaned, then there are plenty of reasons to do so. One of these is it is a quick process. The solvents used in cleaning are volatile and hence your garments will be ready within a very short time. This saves you lots of time. In addition to this, it is favored by many people due to the fact that it can be used in cleaning various cloth designs without interfering with the embroidery. It, therefore, means that regardless of how complex they are, the designs will remain intact once the cleaning is done.

Does it damage the fabric?

Before having your clothes cleaned, it is important to ensure that the fabric will not be damaged during the process. That is why professional dry cleaning is such an attractive option. When they are being cleaned, no strand of fabric is interfered with in any way. This is because the cleaning does not involve the rubbing of surfaces against one another. The fabric is therefore not only cleaned but also undamaged with very few creases. This makes it a superior alternative to other cleaning options as it does not destroy the structure of your clothes and, therefore, guaranteeing you of durability.

What about the materials that can be cleaned?

Modern technology has made it possible for clothes to be tailored from all kinds of materials including polyester, velvet, cotton, silk and linen. This means that they also have different cleaning requirements to ensure that all the dirt present in them is removed. Dry cleaning has become the preferred option for many people because it enables all these different kinds of materials to be cleaned. The machines used have advanced settings that put into consideration the pumping pressure, cycles, and operating temperature to optimize the cleaning operation. This will ensure that your laundry gets the best treatment for proper cleaning.

How often can I dry clean my apparel?

For many people, one of the principal concerns they have with dry cleaning is the frequency with which they can have their laundry taken through the process. If you are one such person, then it is suffice to know that there is nothing to be worried about. This is because you can have them dry cleaned whenever they get dirty or when the need arises. However, it is important to note that there are fragile clothes such as antique gowns that should not be cleaned often.