Dry Cleaning Prices

Get Professional Dry Cleaning Services At The Most Affordable Prices in Minneapolis at LaMac Cleaners

cost of dry cleaningWhen it comes to local dry cleaning, customers expect a certain standard on the services provided by the available dry cleaners. While dry cleaning has been a highly competitive business in the US, we’ve managed to stand out as one of the most unique cleaners in Minneapolis. At LaMac Cleaners not only pride ourselves in top quality services to customers, but we also strive to offer the most satisfying dry cleaning services at the fairest prices possible. Our dry cleaning prices are standardized and highly flexible so every customer can easily afford them without really digging deeper into their pocket.

How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost

The cost of dry cleaning services at LaMac largely depends on the size and type of laundry brought to our premises. For instance, cleaning a coat cannot be done with the same price as a prom dress, pair of trousers, suit or wedding dress. Again, for laundry that’s mixed up with different types of clothing, the customer might be required to pay higher because of the special handling required in making them clean. In addition to that, customers requesting delivery and pick-up services might be required to pay a lot more for the services as they fall under the special category. We at LaMac Cleaners are affordable so you should just bring in your laundry and have it assessed.

Why Should Customers consider Choosing Us?

High Quality Services at Unbeatable Prices

Whether you are looking to get dry cleaning on a leather jacket, prom dress, suit or tie, LaMac has all the expertise to do the cleaning and deliver back your laundry that same day. We can provide safe keeping of wedding gowns, thus helping the bride preserve the memories of the great moments live at a fraction of the cost. We always believe we are the place our customers trust for their dry cleaning and laundry services so that they make LaMac their frequent stop for their dry cleaning needs! That’s why we offer first class delivery and pick-up, wash and fold services and cleanup of other household items to residents across the city. Dry cleaning shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, it should be affordable along with great service!